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Geek + Bellydance + Fire

"Set phasers to stunning." - The Daily Mail (UK)

A Timeout Chicago Critics' Pick

Raks Geek is the premiere bellydance, flow arts, and fire company by geeks for geeks. We're based in Chicago, Illinois, but we've made waves nationally and internationally on MSN, The Daily Mail, UK Channel 4 TV, and Cheezburger.com through our commitment to blend a high degree of artistic and technical mastery with fun, creativity, and our favorite themes from nerd culture. Our dancers and firespinners have performed everywhere from Spain to Canada to Argentina and dance for hundreds of people every week, but they're also lifelong geeks who bring a love and expertise in science fiction, video games, technology, comics, and (stand back, I'm doing to try) Science!

Also: The internet loves us. And we love the internet.

Main Company

Dawn Xiana Moon (Founder/Director)

Dawn Xiana Moon

After years of teaching swing dancing, a YouTube video prompted Dawn Xiana Moon to reinvent herself as a tribal bellydancer. She studied with Stephanie Barto and Jolie Roberson of Read My Hips and soon after was invited to join the troupe, which performs over 100 shows a year at venues like the Chicago Field Museum and Alhambra Palace. The Singapore-born geek has spoken at The University of Chicago, C2E2, DePaul University, and Chicago Comic Con and regularly out-nerds even computer science professors. She is also a singer-songwriter that has toured through 10 states; her latest album features folk/pop with influences from jazz and traditional Chinese music. Dawn is also a UX designer and web developer with clients including the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Anheuser-Busch (like this site? She made it). Conversations with her may cover the following topics: the differences between the Lord of the Rings films and books, Shakespeare, who would win in a fight between the Daleks and the Borg, how decades of Star Wars lore were destroyed in a single moment of the prequels, and the importance of good art.

Michi Trota

Michi Trota

Michi Trota is a firespinning geek fiend who was raised on a steady diet of 80s cartoons, anime, and sci-fi/fantasy literature and soundtracks. She has a Simpsons quote for every occasion, always bags and boards her comics, and refuses to acknowledge the existence of a fourth Indiana Jones movie. Discussions about geek culture, feminism and intersectionality are guaranteed to get her talking for hours - she organizes panels at C2E2 and Chicago Comic Con and is a semi-regular guest on Loot the Room. She's an organizer for both the Chicago Full Moon Jams and the Chicago Nerd Social Club, and blogs about geekery, food, fire and anything else that catches her fancy at The Geek Melange. She is also the Managing Editor of Uncanny Magazine, a new science fiction publication that has featured work by the likes of Jim C. Hines and Neil Gaiman.

Lee Na-Moo

Lee Na-Moo

Internationally known, Lee Na-Moo combines bellydance with contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and several Asian styles. He won the 2010 Chicago Oriental Dance Competition, which brought him to audiences in Argentina, and was invited to teach and perform at the 7th International Oriental Festival in Spain. He has been a longtime member of Read My Hips, directed by Stephanie Barto, and recently joined Joel Hall Dancers, a contemporary dance company based in Chicago. He is also an avid video gamer and a lover of all things geek.


Kamrah - Tattooed Bellydancer

Research scientist by day, bellydancer by night, Kamrah is basically a superhero. Oh, and she can kick your butt too: She has 13 years of experience in a variety of martial arts, won third place at Tae Kwon Do World Championships (White Belt), and studied kung fu with Lou Illar (Sidekicks with Chuck Norris). As a bellydancer, Kamrah has been performing traditional, cabaret, and tribal fusion since 2001; she currently performs throughout the country as a soloist at places like Chicago's Double Door. This year, she taught at Tribal Fest in Sebastopol, CA, the largest tribal bellydance festival in the world, and she taught at Tempest's Waking Persephone (Seattle) in 2014. She has also danced with Tucson-based Skirt Full of Fire, directed by Jolie Roberson, and Xanadu Dancers (Phoenix, AZ). Her love of science fiction, fantasy, and comic books is well known, but lesser known is the fact that she has an Alien tattoo. And a virus tattoo. And Rebel Alliance and Imperial tattoos. Up for a challenge? When she's not kicking literal butt, she kicks figurative butt in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit and Final Fantasy. You've been warned.

 Never seen a sexy Wookiee bellydance? This can be remedied. 

- MSN.com

Upcoming Shows


Saturday, October 17: 6:00pm

Block 37
108 North State St. | Chicago, IL 60601
We'll be doing a joint performance with Acrobatica Infiniti for con attendees!

Full-Length Raks Geek Theatrical Production!

Thursdays, November 12 & 19, 2015: 7:30pm

MCL Chicago
3110 N. Sheffield Ave. | Chicago, IL 60657
General Admission: $20 | VIP Reserved: $39
We're excited to bring you a brand-new, 75-min. theatre show featuring bellydance, flow art, and cosplay with your favorite characters! Tickets on sale soon!

Raks Geek has performed at the University of Chicago, Uptown Underground, Mayne Stage, Chi-Fi, C2E2 afterparties, Viaduct Theatre, Prop Thtr, and Public House Theatre. Our bellydancers and flow artists/firespinners have also performed at venues including the University of Illinois - Chicago, The Field Museum, Untitled, Tribal Fest (Sebastopol, CA), Metro, Alhambra Palace, International Festival of Oriental Dance (Valladolid, Spain), Atomic Lollipop (Toronto, Canada), and the Chicago Full Moon Fire Jams as soloists and with other performance companies.

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